Started my Barad dailies and ran into Stout and finished them together. I die a lot less, when I’m with someone. Those mobs can be really hard.

Later I get in a mostly guild run of Vortex and get a new heroic necklace, and pants. Woo! I went with Aster, Darth, Linden.

I get in a win of Tol Barad, then I run battlegrounds with Pauldie on his warlock, Nilv, Jan, and Lladin. We also form a 5v5 team and do a few matches until it gets too late.

A few of the matches were against a frost mage, and FOUR shaman, with only 2 people playing live. How that is even allowed, to have 1 person clearly botting 3 other accounts, is beyond me. Apparently it’s ok. It really pissed me off to even see that though.

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