I called Spectral Guise way early

Today I spent the majority of my day in Tol Barad, where we won, won, then lost with people screwing around in the middle not defending. You cannot do half of the dailies when horde owns it either, turns out. Sigh. I farmed up something like 10 stacks of Whiptail, half of which I gave to Dontpunt in trade for the cloth I’ve been getting. That guy is like a Swiss army knife or something.

Since I would like to quest on the priest, still, and be useful in arena, I end up switching my disc spec to shadow. I have no intention of dungeon-ing or raiding as shadow, though. Unfortunately disc is suffering from a lack of love right now. Disc has pw barrier, pw shield, power infusion, pain supression and that inner focus buff. Oh and penance. Holy on the other hand, gets the better Renew, most of the heals disc gets, plus Circle of Healing, plus Chakra which gives you access to some neat tricks based on what spells you are using, plus Spirit of Redemption, those guardian wings, etc. Holy should have always rightfully been the better healer, but the shields lack of usefulness plus holy being “forced” into not overhealing like mad, which is how I always played, it suits me better now.

Disc would need a few more tricks before, I think, it would be on par. Maybe like a vanish or fade Final Fantasy 3 style (completely avoid the next few hits), Mirage, etc. Just having a strong shield is a little boring when you can’t outheal lots of damage fast and efficiently.

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