Lose to Cap

Ever since I looked up what “TL;DR” mean I thought holy shit, how stupid are people becoming? I can see TLDRing a book, for instance. But a small paragraph or two?

This has come to my attention pretty fiercely after using the oqueue add-ons, which is lovely in itself, by the way. I got 2200 cap on my ally priest and horde priest this week with it. But fuck, seriously.

The groups have labels on them, such as “losing for cap”. This typically also means “no vent” because we’re losing to get cap. Why do you need vent to lose? You don’t. Since the last time I did rbgs, which was some time ago, it was changed so that you can get points if you made effort. Such as capping a base in Gilneas, getting some carts in Mines, etc. Even if you don’t win, you may still make out with 100 cp. That’s not too bad. Wins are better of course, but can be more stressful.

The stupid people really abound in these though. They join and “so we’re going to try right?”. Well, it’s LOSING TO CAP. So, try enough to get points, but not trying to win. They leave because they want to win. L2R.

Or some are even labeled “Losing RBGs no vent”. They get in, ask if there is vent, when the leader says no they leave. Derp. I even joined one tonight where the priest I joined asked if I was leading. I said um no, I joined YOUR oqueue ‘lose to cap group’. “I didn’t even start one” they said. Siigh. And this is like, 2-3 people PER GROUP doing this.

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