Hi Dalaran

I log in still flagged from battlegrounds the day prior and say hello to Dalaran in ma pvp gears!!

I run down to Marcia Chase and pick up The Ghostfish fishing daily, which is the easiest one IMO. I hop a flight path to Scholazar Basin, along the way going through my favorite area, Wintergrasp.

This is a shot over the Sunken Ring Workshop, closest to the Alliance camp.

This is just some trees I like!

And finally stopping at the rainbow pool for my quest.

I pull out my epic fishing pole I earned from getting exalted status with the Kalu’ak and start fishing, pulling up useful fish like Barrelhead Goby (which I can use to make food for my priest), Pygmy Suckerfish (to make Pygmy oil on my priest which is useful in Alchemy), and Nettlefish which I use in multi serving Fish Feasts with my Cooking skill. It takes about 10 casts and I catch the Phantom Ghostfish, and eat it, which turns me invisible and complete the quest.

the take on that fishing bag isn’t that great but hey it’s easy.

Then I head over to the Alliance Inn, A Hero’s Welcome, and get my cooking daily quest from Katherine Lee, the cooking trainer.

I need Chilled Meat for this one so I pull 4 out of my bank.

I then head to the Dalaran sewers and pick out my Infused Mushrooms.

I make a campfire and cook my Infused Mushroom meatloaf for my quest and turn it in. I receive 9 gold 93 silver, a Dalaran Cooking Award, and a Small Spice Bag.  The bag contained 3 Northern Spices which are required for high level cooking items, a Baby Spice which makes players and NPCs small, and an extra Dalaran Cooking Award. The awards are used to purchased cooking items like Spices, new recipes, etc.

I check my PVP tab and Wintergrasp isn’t for another 40 minutes.  Horde controls it currently. I fly out there anyway and start mining, waiting for the battle to start.  I pick up my Wintergrasp quests then head out.

I mine up 9 Crystallized Fire, 4 Crystallized Air, 10 Crystallized Shadow, 10 Crystallized Earth, 5 Titanium Ore and 18 Saronite Ore, and 2 Huge Citrine before the battle starts.

The battle starts out well.

However it ends poorly when the Hordes guards and other players overwhelm us in the last 5 minutes and we do not take the fortress. Sadface.

They weren’t even trying either as I ran manaless through the entire fort without getting killed. :/

I decide to swap out some of my Shattered Eye of Zul gems in my gear for Radiant Eye of Zul, to exchange haste rating I really don’t need on my fire spec to critical strike rating.

Then I queue up for a random battleground and get Arathi Basin, which we lose like 99% of the time.

The point of this battleground is to control more resources than the enemy side.  You have the Stables which is closest to the Alliance starting point, the Lumber Mill up the hill to the right, the Gold Mine down the road to the left, the Blacksmith in the center, and the Farm on the opposite end closest to where the Horde starts.

I start off running up to Lumber Mill (LM) but got blasted off by a damn Shaman, caught myself with Slow Fall and flew all the way to the Farm where I stayed for a while.  The dilemma here is the battle really needs all members on a voice comm because information gathering is crucial.  Both sides have up to 15 people and need to capture (cap) more resources than the other.  Since there are a limited amount of people you need to communicate who is where, where the enemy is, where they are going, and where you should head to.  So if 10 horde are at the Farm, up to 5 others are somewhere else, meaning they are thinly spread on the other locations.

Unfortunately typing is not always easy when one is fighting, so being unable to type out that 5 horde are coming to LM with only 2 defenders, puts a side at a bad spot.  Some battlegrounds are run as “premades” which means a group of people geared for it, probably with voice comm are running with the sole purpose of winning.  A premade just rolls over a bunch of uncoordinated randoms almost every time.

Later I get back to mining in IceCrown and take a shot in front of our wonderful airship, the Skybreaker!

I queued up another random battleground while I mine and get Isle of Conquest, which is one of my favorites.

Someone gives out the plan at the start, everyone actually follows it.

and we win! And I earn the Resource Glut achievement.

Later I join a WG battle again and take out a Blood Elf Paladin at Sunken, steal his insignia and loot some money, leaving only bones behind!

I love the paladin class in general, and blood elf males are beautiful, but sorry for them they are Horde so I must kill them XD

Unfortunately for me later on another Blood elf paladin kills me.

But let’s be fair, he had like 4 friends helping him too.

However this run, unlike my previous one, we rape them all the way back to their camp.

All they can do is cower at their Spirit rezzer where they take no damage.

and the ones that dare jump down I get to deal with 😀 and we win!

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