6th Anniversary

I log in and get my 6th anniversary achievement, and take some pictures of the little hobbit-like homes in the Loch Modan area that I like a lot.

I run around and pick up some new flight points while queuing for WG.  The battle starts and I don’t get in. While I’m waiting I run around Badlands and check out the Tomb of the Watchers, which appears to be basically empty. Well except for the giant statues.


I then head up a mountain I don’t remember going up before and it’s quite the view.


Especially when I slow fall off!  I discover the Forbidden Sea. I’m so far out I get the Fatigue Bar even.


Then it ends up I do not get into WG at all. Sucks, and the battle is over.

I hit the beach and land on Fuselight-by-the-Sea and find Exploding Sheep.  I’m serious!


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