Stealthed Heals

Being a stealthed healer, is terribly fun. I’m sure it would be better if I was feral, but gosh. IoC is the CTA this past weekend, and Alliance has something like a 99% win rate. So far the following tactics have not grown old and made me laugh a number of times.

Out of the gates run down to the quarry, cap flag. Stealth, stand on the prow as far back as possible, ready to slip off the second someone gets too close. Watch horde arrive, let them cap. Some will run right off, wait for them to get out of viewing distance, defend. Watch them run back, switch locations, they recap. They leave. Recap. Laugh some more.

Some people cap and stand around for a bit, but if my experience in bgs is any indication, no one has the ability to stay and defend for more than a few minutes in random bgs. 1 min tops is all they can stand and they run off and let me recap.

One poor rogue tonight capped it, ran off, I defended. He came back, I let him capture and waited for him to leave, recapped. He came back again, recapped, stood around a while, left, I recapped, moved locations to the back, etc. He had to go back and forth like 4x. love it! I never get caught either; they never see me.

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