I log in and notice that WG is already underway, so I run my tigers little legs off to port in before it ends.


I turn in my quests before heading out.


I’d like to get some kills with the guns but I don’t see any Horde in sight!


I head to Broken Temple since that is closest to their camp but only Alliance is there as well.


We spend the rest of the battle, while the towers are going down, beating them mercilessly at their camp, again.


Then I get a group for VOA 10, only the off tank isn’t taunting and I get aggro and die, then the rest of the party wipes shortly after.


We try it a second time and get it, and no cloth drops. We do the first boss too.


I run my fishing daily which is the Disarmed one where you fish in the Dalaran prison sewers for an eel that bit off a guards arm.  You cut open the eel and bring the severed arm back to the healer.


Other fun things can be found fishing in their like shanks, and half empty, or full bottles of moonshine you can actually drink.

I then cook up some Fish Feasts, Firecracker Salmon and Sauteed Golby and send some to my priest.


I put my gems and ore in the back then log off for now.

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