So! Got kicked from my first group ever! Ran that bug dungeon and heroic Vial of Ichorous Blood dropped, I needed on it and won. The healer, a druid, commented as the rolls were going on that it was a sick healing trinket. I said “I know, disc is my main, we need spirit severely”. I got told it was a dick move, I should have been here on my main then, and kicked. I saw that coming.

Other peoples rolls are hidden by default now, at least mine were, and at no time did the healer actually say “hey I need that, can I have it?”. But, whatever. It was 524 more INT than Heart of Unliving and well, I’m not doing all the math about the mp5 of it but it’s 4,421 spirit on use every 2 mins for 20 seconds vs at best, a constant 880 spirit. And like 60 ilevel difference.

So yeah, sorry dude, but strangers don’t owe you anything. I’ve been healer/healer for like 2 solid years, I don’t have to justify my need of something to a random.

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