Wow, those numbers hurt my eyes!

Alyis, a few days ago, did another one-liner I’m going to attempt to draw again. Someone linked a melee dps ring from the black auction house and he said “Wow those numbers hurt my eyes!”

That struck me as crazy funny, and I’ll explain! Flask of the Winds, for example, increases your agility by 300. Flask of Spring Blossoms, is 1,000 agility. Why such a huge jump, more than double! Why??

Gems are similar, the top end EPIC gems in Cata gave 20/20 for split stats +50 to a single stat, the new ones now, THE BLUE ONES (not epic) give 80/160 for split stats and single stats are 160. With such a huge jump it’s more or less completely useless to use the old gems.

At the end of wrath, pulling 10k was a big deal. At the end of Cata we saw heavy hitters in A9N hitting 50-60k. In Mop? I’ve seen mages and monks hitting 100-150 freaking K on trash and stuff. Crazy.

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