Whisperwind Eleven

A little behind in my posts.  We did 5/8 heroic and then wiped on Blackhorn over and over, mostly due to dps being on the low side.  That and us being very heavy melee when other sites have recommended nearly all ranged.  We did that and the rest on normal.

On my horde priests side, I ran into Tindoor, a rogue who tries to get me in TB often, but who doesn’t even make me waste any kind of CDs.  We talked a bit and he said he only does it now if his guild asks him to, and says sometimes he griefs Goldshire.

I left Prius Visum on the horde too, since Angelus and Raenaeh haven’t been on in 7 months, and was invited by Fratricide to Whisperwind Eleven.


They kept calling me a “he” and I did not correct anyone.  They seemed cool though.  Ribby, the only priest that really gave me any grief in Tol Barad was in the guild as well and we talked a bit about how people are jerks to healers in pvp.   I even had to fill out a ‘casual’ app to that guild.

Anyway, this is the fun stuff that happens when you lag in sandstone drake form.


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