1700+ RBGs

I managed to get up to around 1726 rbg rating, but then was repeatedly invited by the same guy that formed a group that got that, but then went down to around 1650.  I was hoping to get 1800 but whatever.

I am really enjoying the druid as far as healing and I’m setting up a feral spec and gear.  It’s going to take a while though.

I have needed to be bitchy as fuck lately to more than a few people.  First that mage, Judahlion.  His dps is shit, he doesn’t know how to CC.  No gems, no enchants, shit gear.  Do I want to do 2’s? No.

Then another from Dogs of War, the same guild Deadfrog is in, holy shit.  Etheros, fire mage.  NO enchants, NO gems, no reforging, just like Juda. The same paladin and DK were out in Crossroads killing everything again.  We killed them once, then I guess the good players left.  A hunter, a bear druid, and Etheros were trying to kill them.  Neither player was taking a significant amount of damage.  I kept saying to focus the paladin, pally was still not going down even with me trying to add interrupts and HotW.  I finally said “3 fucking dps guys really” and just ditched them to their fate and let them all die.  I’m not healing 3 idiots that can’t kill a single healer.

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