Now it makes more sense

Sometimes I wonder why people, either in pvp, or pve, seem to do SO poorly.  Usually I start with looking at gear, or rotation.  Beyond that, if I have to ask about add ons, keybinding or clicking, it’s really too much work to bother. I tried that with Bella long ago, it didn’t help.

Anyway, there’s a mage I knew who was always really bad, like I could thrash them in a duel on a healer class, and in bgs or rbgs, they usually had piss-poor dps and such.   Now, I just think it’s general awareness.  We duo’d a dungeon and man.  They were attacking mobs I had sapped in advance, not noticing a mob I had sapped 2-3 times that was still chilling there giving me the evil eye.  I’d say to run past the pathing mobs, they would kill them all, that kind of thing.  Not really a big deal but it feels like a bull in a china shop.  Apply that to pvp or a raid and it’s even worse.

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