Finding Things to Do

When I quit Lineage 2, near the end I was trying to find goals to meet because I had nothing else to do.  This current tier of pvp and raids has gone on and on and still no end in sight.

Blizzard is allowing PVE gear to be upgraded to 4/4 instead of 2/2 so a normal item that is already 553 gets to be 557.  PVP gear is stuck at 550.  However heroic gear upgraded, last I looked, was 588.  I had a spriest melt my druid in full prideful, from 100% to dead in a Silence.  That is not cool.

Then today I was fighting a 563 hunter at Halaa, and embarrassingly enough I had to pop incarnation to not die.  In a 1v1!  The hunter was survival, and rather clever, but c’mon.  This is not amusing.

I’ve been bored and working on my monks herbing, skinning, and finding amusing places to set Transcendence, especially in wpvp.  You set that somewhere good and annoy the heck out of others,  Especially if it’s in a no-fly area.


Otherwise, bored.  I’m tempted to get my old healers, the hpally, and rshaman to 90, and maybe the mage.  But after that, I got nothing.  I could work on cooking I suppose.   Or maybe return to that dreadful celestial tourney to get the rest of the pets.

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