I Now Belong to Three Guilds

I joined a guild today on my alliance priest called Desire Expanse.  What that name means, I don’t even know.  I wasn’t going to join, because the conversation I had with the person recruited was slightly stupid, but then that cat dicking with a  mouse thing hit me and I agreed.  First, the silly conversation we had.

Guy: I noticed you arenn’t in a guild, we pvp, interested?

Me: (trying to be polite)  All I do is pvp, but I’m rarely on Alliance any more.

Guy: sry went offline what did u say?

I dislike repeating myself but they did come back to me so ok.  I repeated myself.

Guy: this is a pvp guild. so u in

Me: what kind of pvp do you do, and what rank?

That’s two questions if you were counting.

Guy: We primarily do rated bgs and arena

Didn’t answer the rank question.

This went on for a bit, I had to ask what MMR they were 3x, there was a long pause, they say it’s “low”, I repeated asking WHAT MMR, and a “checking” and came back with the leader being 1700.   This is important to me, if you pvp, you should know.  I agreed to join.

When I log in the guild message is :  CTA Deepwind Gorge.  Sign up for guild events ingame calendar.  Get Skype.

I choke back a snort and ask if they really skype for random bgs. They say yes, it helps to win.  I sort of elitist-eyeball roll and say that’s cool, I’ve gotten a little over 1700 doing no voice rbgs, though.  There’s no response to that.  I can see skyping to shoot the breeze but otherwise, really?

I comment in gchat about pvp a bit, and how I wish the free faction transfers would come to our guild, but no one replies.  We’ll see how this goes.


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