Gear me and I’ll be Your BFF

Today I came across this post in the Whisperwind sub-section of the forums:


“I’ve been trying to do Arenas to get some wins in 2v2, but even after more than 20 losses needed to get down to 400 rating to scrape a measly win, I still can’t win because apparently there are still 700k hp DK carries even down that low of a rating bracket. Does anyone here want to help me get conquest points? I really don’t have that much money to pay, but if you’re in a PvP guild and you’re all pvp-geared, it shouldn’t be that hard right?

If you help me get conquest points for better PvP gear, I can do serious, competitive 3v3 or 5v5 or RBG’s with you or your guild. I’m very competitively-focused. Sadly, gear has never been my strong point.”


20 losses and still no win?  Gear has never been a strong point?  Wait, what? Gear is so easy to get! Pvp especially.  So let’s dawdle over to this armory shall we?

7 pieces of green gear, 1 blue, 4 grievous pieces, misc epic pve pieces. 8 missing enchants (that means none), 6 empty sockets (that means none), no belt buckle, no reforging. No professions, no HK’s.

This sounded familiar but I can’t quite place it yet.  I was in a guild at some point where someone said a similar line.  Especially the end part.  Translation: Do a lot of work gearing me up, THEN I can be a good guildie and help you guys out.


How about you get yourself as prepared as you can, proving you are willing to help out? Man, that’s going to bug me now.

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