Scale, Much?

After the numbers squish things are still off here and there.  If my belt boost fails, it’ll kill me.  I didn’t catch the exact ticks of it, but it’s like 15k on a 69k health pool.

Then back in Wintergrasp, ouch.  The siege engine has 1.5 million health.  The turret or the basher thing hits for half your health (Siege Turrent Cannon hits for 43,577!) .  I believe it’s tuned for 100, but I am hoping our health pools don’t get that insane again.  It takes all 5 RPG-GG blasts to kill a vehicle.  I missed this one by the slightest little health.


It would take me probably 30 minutes to tear through that normally.

Took half a day and something like 3k gold to make a Jeeves, and wormhole Pandaria and Northrend.  We did Garrosh last night, and I got a nice BoA caster staff, but we wiped so much I had well over 300g in repairs.  And no one had a Jeeves.  No wonder though, it takes A TON of mats and other patterns to do.




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