Queues are still at 3+ hours

I’ve been sitting in a queue to login since 6pm, it’s 8pm now and still over 1,000 people ahead of me in line.  Nice huh.

I did manage to run around a bit prior to that, and end up dying so much I had a nearly 400g repair bill.  Ouch.  So then I decided to GET NAKED!



It’s ok, in cat form you can’t tell the difference!  So that being said I ran around looking at things.


This area was level 100 so I had to be very careful even in stealth.  It turns out when you mine now, once in a while a mob spawns instead and you have to kill him to get your ore.



This area was so pretty I swear I felt like I was walking through a Botanic Garden or something.


I also ran into a new spirit rezzer on one of my trips to death.


I picked up at least 3 new pets too, some of which I read are selling for 40k. I’m tempted to sell them when they go for a lot, but the last time I did that with something else (receipes) back in Cata, the drop rate was later nerfed so hard I never saw one again.  It’s at 100% right now but I’m worried I’d sell it and then, never seen one again. Maybe I’ll try to get 2 then do it!

This reminded me a great deal of the Swamp of Screams, I believe it was called, in Lineage 2.




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