Pet Battles

Ugh some of these pet trainers.  I tried looking up guides on wowhead, but those are bogus for a few reasons.  The main problem is people using rare pets most people don’t even have. Baby Blizzard Bear or a Netherwing strategy? DIAF I don’t have those.   Or strats that work if you have flawless RNG that happened to go your way.

Cymre Brightblade, all her pets can heal to full.  The first one is undead but dies and comes back to life full.  The lantern has Wish (a huge heal), and the last one just heals to full for no damn reason.  I’m not even sure what skill it was.  The Anub Idol could handle that fine blocking Rot, but it took ages and didn’t pan out for the rest of the fights.

I used a Bandicoon, Pandaren Dragonling, and  a Phoenix Hatchling.  I probably wouldn’t have needed the last pet at all if I had taking the lightning attack on my dragonling instead of the bomb run.


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