Pet Battle Buddies

I parked every character I had capable of flying in Northrend to finally try to get an Unborn Val’kyr pet.  Flew around for hours the other day and couldn’t find one.  I did however run into a horde DK named Hugs-Thrall who promptly pulled out his Valk, to rub it in I suppose.



That turned into a emote-pet parade party where we both pulled out pets back and forth, did a pet battle I lost (I really don’t pet pvp)



and then I sent a btag invite.  They ended up looking for spawn points for  me until I gave up.


Logged in this morning, and caught TWO active valk’s being captured.  Ugh.  Crux invited me to his BR server which doesn’t CRZ with anything, and I finally caught one out in Dragonblight.




About flipping time.


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