2 Factions Combined, or More Created?

The queues for Alliance right now are bad, anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes for a random bg, to a solid hour for Ashran, sometimes up to 2 hours or so.  I waited an hour and a half last night for it.

Anyway people are asking that we do random faction bgs to make it better.  Alliance vs Alliance and such.  They do that already for RBGs and arena.  I don’t want to see that personally.

For one thing Horde queues were terrible last expansion (15 mins usually!) and it was just one of those things.  I play what I like, I don’t care about racials but not everyone feels that way.  And I love faction vs faction, I adore faction RP with my “get out of my town you filthy orc” and whatnot.   The Hydra group is like that too.

Someone in the bg forums suggested we should have more factions.  I don’t see how that would help, wouldn’t there still be one dominant race and therefore faction?

It makes me think back to Lineage 2, which technically had lore that set up wars between the races, but nothing was enforced and even had a ridiculous requirement that Dark Elves and Light Elves (who hate each other) had to do their dances and songs in a specific order or destroy their mana pools.  That made no sense.


If each one WAS a separate faction (excluding Kamael and Etheria) how would that pan out? I was thinking about it now and again.  This assumes the races couldn’t trade or party together AT ALL.  I’m basing this off somewhat original class skills, prior to the healers getting all the same heals as well (pre Interlude, I believe).



Cons:  No healers, no ranged, no summoners, no tanks, no mages. Only melee though I guess technically they could use bows.

Pros:  The only crafters of high level armor, weapons, jewelry, and soul/spiritshots. The only spoilers (scavengers) for extra materials and rare pieces.

(Trust me when I say dwarves will scare the living daylights out of a healer or other clothie if your gear isn’t good. I did that on the L2 Azure servers, seeing a dwarf meant you were going to die. )


Cons: No crafting, would be limited to armor upgrades past shop gear at B grade.

Pros: The best healer, the only mass rez, the only pure buffer.  Has two summoners, dagger, archer, nuker, and arguably the best tank.

Dark Elves

Cons: No crafters, no mass rez, hybrid buffer, healer heals are part heal, part HoT. No greater battle heal.

Pros: Healer is basically jack of all trades with Empower and Recharge for mages, Vampiric Rage and Focus for melee. Has archer, dagger class, one summoner, tank.

Light Elves

Cons: No pure buffer, no crafters, least desirable buffs.

Pros: The only personal and party recall, fastest healer, fastest archer, fastest mage,  and dagger class, tank, summoner.



Cons: No single target buffer, no strong bfufs,  DoT based nuker, no tank, no summoner, no crafter, no strong healer, no archer, no dagger. No crafter.

Pros:  The only healer who could restore CP.

Um.  I think orcs would be sunk.


If I had to pick, I would think humans would come out on top even with the gear situation.  They would be in the best spot to kill raid bosses, and dwarves lacking a tank and a healer would be very limited, even if they managed to get the best gear.  That’s my vote!







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