Random Friend Invites

It seems like a lot of people that I was playing Overwatch with, aren’t logging in any more.  Bridgetroll was having personal issues so he’s been out, and some of the people that I played with a few times at the start haven’t been on in weeks, like Ashven.

I took a friend invite from a S76 player named Loveboss after doing a string of medium AI battles with their group, and added someone named Solstrom who was ok to talk to.  I added Shiro, who was a Reinhardt who asked for someone to heal, and I switched because they were already tanking.  They typed a lot, so I threw an invite, and we played together as a 5 man party last night.  It was pretty bad, losing a whole lot, with one talkative guy who was new, but I don’t really care.  As long as I’m not playing in silence, it’s fine.


After 85 levels, not a single Mercy skin, intro, or pose dropped so I finally bought the Valkyrie skin, and what do you know, Devil dropped right after.



I really like the blue wings on Valk though.



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