I never learn

I never learn that I shouldn’t move servers to join someone else, it never works out.  Now I get to add another reason to the list.

Moved to Tich to play with Lemm and Janusz.  They quit.

Started a char on Thunderhorn to play with Deadfrog and the Dogs of War people.  Deadfrog went to Emerald Dream.

Moved Coquette to play on Bleeding Hollow, mostly for Deacon.  I found almost everyone in that guild, other than Vulgard, rather annoying.  He moved to ED horde.

Moved my paladin to Sargeras, but I don’t regret that.  I love that server.  Also made a mage there, no regrets.  Probably going to boost a gnome warlock there too, or boost the mage.  Not sure.

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