Muh priest

Apparently shadow/disc lost a lot of stuff.  Disc long ago lost Divine Hymn which I’m still mad about, but we also have no…


Prayer of Healing

Spirit Shell

Prayer of Mending

Hymn of Hope (lost in Draenor or so)



Void Tendrils


Flash Heal


Then on top of that, SHADOW has no…

Flash Heal

Halo/divine star/cascade

Psyfiend/Void Tendrils/Phantasm

Devouring Plague

Spectral Guise

Psychic Horror

Angelic Feather


I attacked a somewhat afk hunter in Wintergrasp last night, got him to about half health, then he woke up and schooled me into next year.  This is going to be fun.


On the other hand, druids appear to have everything they use to have, except Cyclone which is an honor talent, including baseline Ursol’s, Ysera’s, a mana saving version of Innervate, AND can choose to use a neutered version of a feral, boomy, or guardian which gives you access to several of their skills.  Crazy.


Oh, and Tol Barad and Wintergrasp are CRZ now.



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