I hate BH groups sometimes

Got kicked from a group for the first time EVER the other day. Some hunter from Omega named Nightlime was forming for BH, I told him I was 402 ilevel disc priest and I did not need any gear. I got added in when there were only about 7 people, waited it out until it filled, which lately on WW takes quite a long time. When they did a role check it turned out that 7 people chose healer. He said “Ocyla no damage” to which I responded “I got a heal spec or a heal spec take your pick” and I got kicked.

I cursed them out in PMs, pretty pissed about them wasting my time and not paying attention to how many healers they had, besides the fact that I wouldn’t be taking gear from anyone. I just got “seeya, seeya”. I blocked them. So irritated.

On another topic, every FUCKING TIME I queue for a random, I get WoE. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Fortunately with 4 chars I can just leave it and queue up someone else.

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