Farmer Saldean has GUARDS

Apparently all my protecting has paid off in some fashion.  Mentillos has been back around (the warrior who could never beat me) told me that Saldean now has guards, and instantly respawns.


But, you can’t test this as Alliance, no no.  I brought my horde down.  A level ??? Westfall Brigade Guard instantly spawns and nearly woooped my ass.


I wasn’t even flagged, but the guard flagged me.  This is good because then I cannot stay safely unflagged, open a can of woop-ass on the Farmer, then run away.  You know, like that level 20 disc priest kept doing.  or that Frost DK.  Or, any of the others.  I get preemptively smacked.   Nice Blizzard, seriously, GOOD.  Maybe name it “Coquette” next time, k?

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