Fire is better than Heals

I realize that dps and healers, are not the same thing.  I am however, having way, WAY more fun playing a fire mage than any of my healers.  I feel it has to do with the skill set.

For instance, a warrior recently destroyed a good 80% of my health before I could blink (my eyeballs, not the skill blink!) as my mage.  I still won the fight, though.  Here’s the thing.  If a warrior hits my priest, I can pain sup.  It pretty much sucks but I can.  I have no escape abilities any more but ok let’s say I knock him away a bit with scream.  I have 1 min before I can use that again.  He gets out of that and I knock him away again with that one skill.  Wellp, out of tricks.  GG.

Same situation with my mage.  Warrior hits me, I can temporal shield.  He rushes me, I frost nova.  He rushes me again, I nova again.  I ice block. I blink, I blink again, I drop mirrors, I dragon’s breath.  I sheep.  I can try to inviz. Almost everything is instant cast so if I get locked out, which doesn’t happen much, that’s ok I can switch schools.  Can still blink, ice block, frost nova, etc while locked out of fire.

As my disc priest I use to have shadow, holy, and divine schools but now it’s basically just HOLY.  Have fun with that.

Tell me again why I’d want to play heals?

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