Censer of Eternal Agony

Hm a lot to catch up on.  I am a beast vs a rogue currently with my reflective shield and Divine Insight.  I almost killed him a few times but he’s way too fast for me. Apparently on the new Timeless Isle, we have an item much like the Zariche in L2 where you become hostile to everyone.


Alliance aren’t very good at this.  We stood there for a while and no one bothered attacking, and later Ladiesman fought me and no one helped.  I had 2 alliance paladins, I think it was, pair up and try to kill me with this buff but ended up ditching over the side with gliders.  Nothing like starting shit and running.

Ladiesman also helped me get the chest on the part of the island I can’t normally get to without the legendary cloak.


I was dumb and forgot it was BoA and opened them all right away. Sigh.

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