I’m fire, not arcane

I did my dps time-walking dungeons with relative ease, so I decided to go heal my 5 on my priest.  I got Grim Batol and holy crap.  I had asked Blizzard to make time walking harder again, because for a few rotations it was just too easy.  But, wow.  Grim Batol.  I died like 3 times and had to use pain sup on myself twice.  So MUCH damage just on adds!

Then we got to the last boss and the fire mage, who was doing less damage than me, was asked to Time Warp on pull.  He did not time warp on pull.  We wiped and as it turns out the mage had replied “I’m fire, not arcane”.  I tell him all mages have Time Warp and he gets kicked, and his hunter friend leaves with him.  From his recount he clearly had no idea how to play a mage even without the fire comment.

We got it down quickly after that (it helps when you dps out-dps the healer) and then queued for another.  Stonecore pops, I accept it, it says I don’t belong to that instance, I get kicked out but my group still sees me in the instance.  I can’t chat in instance chat because it says I’m not in an instance and I have a 15 min dungeon cool down.  Fuck.

Then the group thinks I’m afk because I can’t chat, even though I was PMing the paladin and I get kicked, and get a 30 mins dungeon cool down.  Double fuck.  Healing today is not my thing I guess.