Holy Paladin

I haven’t played my holy paladin since WoD, which I can tell because I still have thousands of Broken Bones in my bank, and the fun scrolls from Ashran.  Man I had fun in Ashran.  Anyway wow.  I ran into a holy paladin during some of my fire mage dungeon runs and their spells were finally massively upgraded.  Before you could barely tell you were getting healed because paladins spells looked like almost nothing, unless you were casting Light of Dawn.  Retribution had some cool effects but holy was rather blah.

But NOW.  Wow.  I commented at our holy paladin in a group that their spells looked incredible.  I played mine a bit this week for the Chemical Co dungeon and dang.  Holy light now opens a book when casting and the flashes are beautiful.  Everything looks really cool.  I may level  up this character and now I’m regretting the boost I did on my shaman.  Oh well, I can do it through dungeons I suppose!