The matchmaking in Overwatch is totally garbage

Seriously.  I’m on a 7 game LOSING streak today.  I got 3 gold medals with this on one of the losses, that’s how terrible my teams have been.



I even played with a guy who lost 2 with me, then HE got swapped to another team and won 3 in a row before it reshuffled.  Then I went on to lose 4 more.  Then I joined with my husband where we lost even more.  Like at least 20 losses with not a single win.


It’s not even close games either.  It’s like being camped in spawn, never getting anywhere near the point, moving the payload maybe an inch.  No cards for your team at all and absolutely decimated over and over.  Very bizarre today.


I am pretty sure this game does not let you see the other teams MMR because you’d find yourself at 1000 playing against someone at 3000 or something.  Like a full team of under 500 against a 3000.

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