Don’t want to play, because there is too much to do

Too much to do in a game seems like it would not be a problem.  But here we are with too much to do in WoW.  I’ll explain.

The simplest things that were easy in other expansions now require a lot of work.  Flying, as I’ve talked about before.  Previously it just cost gold.  Now it takes a rep grind, quest grind, explore grind, etc.  I JUST WANT TO FUCKING FLY but no, I have to do hours and hours of stuff I really don’t want to do.  But if I want flying, I have to.

Gear, before in Cata for instance, you could casually grind your JP and get a 2 piece set and if you were serious, you raided to get the 4 pc.  Now the best gear is kinda random and there are crazy levels of dungeons to do via mythics.  I guess it’s pretty popular but looking at +10 dungeons it’s like oh come on.

The “CTA” cool maps in pvp are neat though, but I haven’t really pvp’d seriously in ages.  I use to do area, rbgs, random battlegrounds, all the time.  Not any more.

Almost everyone I knew in game is gone on top of all of that.  It’s like playing a single player MMORPG.  I don’t know if I can join another dying guild either.


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