Fixing Ferals but not like THAT

Insert Price is Right Bob Barker here.


So as I’ve said I’m playing feral for questing and having a good time.  Shaco (Fooja) just mentioned it’s ‘bad’.  Ok maybe it is.  I’m not pvping with it, not doing dungeons, not raiding except for that one or two bad times.  But, what would I do to fix it?  I’m speaking strictly for a ‘good god I don’t want to juggle 10 different things’ side.

Savage Roar is BASELINE (or eliminated).

Ferocious Bite refreshing Rip is BASELINE.

Ferocious Bite and Rip ALWAYS act like you have 5 combo points but only take 1 cp to use.   Maim still has combo point ranks however.


And hm.  yeah, I think that’s about it for quality of life.

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