Don’t have to Aim

Ugh so in Overwatch shields have been a problem for a while now, but it’s especially obnoxious since Sigma showed up.  The classes with shields, which right now is Reinhardt, Winston, Orisa, Sigma, and they can be layered.  They are being nerfed though for obvious reasons.

I will predict the next problem though.  Hear me out.  I think the next problem will be ‘the bots’.  Not like L2 type bots, but those classes that have AI do their work for them.

First, Moira.  She’s fun to play, I guess.  But, don’t act like anyone is a skilled player using her.  IT IS NOT HARD.   You throw a healy ball in the general direction of your team mates and IT AUTOMATICALLY  heals them. You throw a damage ball in the general direction of the enemy, which goes forever and ever and bounces of its own account, and IT AUTOMATICALLY ATTACKS THEM. You hold down fucking right click and your attack AUTOMATICALLY TARGETS ANYONE CLOSE and you kill steal like a son of a bitch.  Oh you got all golds?  Yeah, me too as her.  You know why? Because you fucking kill steal everyones kills.  Or if you get your own, it’s because you don’t have to aim while having better mobility than most of the cast and can just dance around them while they try to aim.  Fuck right off Moira.  No joke I can’t even play her any more because it’s stupid game play.


Anyway as I was saying.  Moira doesn’t have to aim on ALL OF HER SKILLS, Torb only half has to aim, Sym has like 30% auto aim, Bob auto aims, Soldiers ult sorta has to aim a little, McCree’s ult can aim even if someone is off his screen, etc.  I dunno it just feels like there is too much auto aiming.

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