Bots Bots Bots

So apparently there are NCsoft bots these days and anyone can bot and it’s ok.  I had to kill 300 mobs in the Ruins of Agony  and it took FOREVER for a few reasons.  1. I still have a no grade starter weapon 2. I have NO shots 3. I cannot afford shots and 4. there are as many bots as mobs and apparently even if you tag the mob first, if the bot kills it (which they do in 2 hits) you do not get credit.  So it took forever to even find a mob to hit that wasn’t already targeted by 3 bots.  What the actual fuck Ncsoft?  Captain Bathis even has a menu called “Ask about auto-hunting”.

Do you want to know what that 300 mob quest got me?  Oh, like 1 level.    Yeah I know actual L2 original was much slower but I don’t know of any quest where you had to literally do 300 mobs.  I mean, sometimes it took that many or more to get your quest items but it just wasn’t set like that.  Crazy.  And I still have a starter weapon.

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