You Don’t Score, Until You Score

I had to write about this because it was completely wild.

Alright so I phase into a new Ashran.  We decided to go to the left where you can farm the ogres for points to summon your big guy, in our case, Fangraal.

Only, we get wiped.  Then Horde gets the orb, and Horde gets the Ogre King, and horde gets the AA, then Horde almost kills our mage.

It’s not looking good, at all.  They have all the HKs, we’ve got nothing.  They summon their rock dude, they are rolling frost dragons, the healing serpent, and get to our base.  They are pulling our boss, it’s over, it’s over!

A very small stealthy team is at the horde base trying to take down the boss, and I’m about mid map in prowl.   I tell some druids and some rogues who are in the Horde base that it’s ‘over’, I join them in trying to take down their boss.  It fails.

But, would you believe it?  We kill the Ogre King, we save our mage and heal her up, we summon Fangraal, we get the AA, and we march from our base all the way to the horde base.  The kills start to even up around 30, so we’re 30 and 30.  Then 25 and 25, then 20 and 20.  Then 10 and 10.  It’s like whaaaat no way.  5 and 5, 1 and 1.  I’m not even kidding!!! We end up WINNING 1-0.

Sometimes sticking around is just worth it.

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