Satchels = Bad Groups

Did LFR today with a group of 9 other guildies.


went well, didn’t win anything again.


After that got addicted to running dungeons with the Exotic Satchel but it seems that usually ties me in with truly horrible groups. The first one had 3 people from the same server all doing about 8k dps.  The Sylvanas fight took 6 minutes (normal is 2-3) and she was on her like, 4th round of ghoul chains. The mage from another server was doing 20k, arcane.  The tank I could excuse but the rest, damn.  I inspected the feral druid and they were rocking questing greens, non heroic blues, and not a single item enchanted or gemmed.  We somehow managed to get her down, but the next one was Tyrande and there was no way in HELL I was going to do that boss for 10+ minutes and I told them a satchel wasn’t worth running with such bads and left.

The next group was another bad one, and it’s funny how many times I get killed by someone trying to avoid the trash before Baine.  We had to use every last hourglass at the last boss too but made it.  Was the satchel worth it though? No.  Like someone in guild said though, it’s sort of addicting to get those satchels, and like trying to win the lottery.  Usually you just end up with a worthless piece of paper.

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