Mind Control

Ran arena with Karma on his DK and rogue, got 6 wins or so in. Also ran a BH but even with a higher roll did not win the ring I wanted. Bought a Ruthless wand and will probably pick up a ring this time.

Been using MC offensively quite a bit lately, pulling people out of the doors at ICG and trying to walk them into the river. I’d like to keep the horde away from me to avoid that, rather than coming in to pound me. We won 2 today and lost at least 3.

Also picked up a new belt from the vendor near the raid portal for Firelands. There is a nice 391 ring if you are exalted, by from what Vorios said, it will take so long it probably won’t even matter by the time I get it. I miss trash runs because I can’t log in early enough for them and I just don’t feel like farming when I’m. Or if I do, there’s never groups doing it. Oh well. I hate grinding.

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