Gnomes are creepy

So that druid I took a shot of about a month ago standing up on his chopper, Sealan, we’re friends now and I got him invited to A9N.  Before that I have some catching up to do.  First off, this gnome was creepy as fuck


I had an Eye of the Storm battle where someone refused to cap the flag even though it was time so I life gripped them into capping it.  Ass.


Ladiesman got me here at slags and I just stayed dead watching for a while.


Heard a couple of funny statements in general/trade lately, first was

Puckyhuddle: Your fat fck dinosaur is blocking my mailbox of joy.


Crisfabulous: There once was a man from nantucket…
Ruusty: lets just say the rumors about him are highly exaggerated

I ran into the smaller version of that giant blue dragon in town

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