My Bones

As I understand it, Turnizzle, who was also an officer, quit the guild as well as another person, probably the guy who server transferred.   I know Turn was ticked about not doing heroics that last time because we were missing one person.

Anyway ran a few TB’s today only because Ladiesman was there.  One time we lost, the next time we won, when he came as alliance.  I was allowed to free cast my ass off behind a column in ICG with only token attempts to kill me, and I was defended very well by alliance the entire time too. That was a good win.

Afterwards I got in 2 kills by doing my usual guard trick.   We must have really confused that bbqtwilight warlock since we were both standing around flagged, outside of the guards, not killing each other.  My alliance card, it’s gone, you can hear it being ripped in the wind already.  He did kill me at least once, though.  Today I learned, by him being sassy and saying my skeleton was cute, that draenei skeletons do indeed have a tail bone, and horns.  That’s attention to detail for ya XD


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