Are you fing Kidding me?

Sigh. So last night most of our raid members, including the GM were locked out of BWD. The raid schedule said heroic Chim and Atramedes, but SJ couldn’t come to any raid on any char, Crush was locked to bwd to the first 3 bosses, so we ran BoT with mostly pugs. We barely got down Cho’gall, then failed 2x on the dragons. At one point we were 9 mins in and they weren’t dead yet. Before I could rage quit, which I was gonna do, Texas logged off with no warning. Don’t blame him. So this week I got 1/12 bosses down. Yes, I skipped Wed/Thur raids, but those were cancelled anyway. There’s no reason why a decent raid couldn’t have gotten down 9/12 or at least 8 in one night.

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