I keep missing kills!

Did more arena with Acks last night, and we ended up with something like 50% wins. We ran into 2 double pally teams, the second one we won against when I chain feared and MC’d the holy pally. Got my cap but really have nothing to buy.

Also ran 3 or 4 TB battles today, and although we had it in the morning, we lost every single battle after that. One of the times we didn’t even get all the towers down. It just seems like horde is able to have 10 people at 2 bosses and a few at the third, but when I look at the alliance map, we have 10 people at one base (usually ICG), 5 or less at WV and no one but me at slags. Then we have people yelling out GET WV GET WV so we can win! … while I’m staring at a slags base with 10 horde waiting and not an alliance in sight. Depressing.

Speaking of, last night the guild got down Al’akir. So this is the second time I did not feel like raiding, and they got a new boss down. Last time it was Nefarion. Why do I always just get in on the shitty nights? Ugh.

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