I think all rogues have choppers

Today I we won TB and I did my dailies.  While I was occupied with some crocs in the swamp, a undead rogue, whose name I cannot recall, attacks and kills me.  I lose both because I was injured by the croc, and had some CDs down from fighting it.  But hey I was flagged that’s what I get.

Later I also get into a fight, flagged while questing again, with Rayslayz, the blood elf shadow priest I was making kissy faces at while trying to kill a few days ago.  He has superior arena gear, and kills me.  I check his armory afterwards and notice the gear, and his 1800 arena rating. Nice.  I figure if he plays anything like me he’ll be hanging around still so I run back where he’s tangling with another alliance shadow priest, and help kill him, twice.  Yes, it was unfair but don’t run around flagged then.  Jumping people not ready isn’t exactly fair either but I’m ok with that.

I herbed so much that I overflowed my giant bag of herbs, even after making 10 flasks, my bag is still nearly full but I’m out of volatile life.  I may start selling the extras since herbs gathered far outpaces the volatiles used in flasks now.

I did a few totally fail battlegrounds, then got into TB.  I play hide and seek with a BE paladin named Aldturmiss around a column, and since he seems so intent on killing me I blow my usual kisses, then later he returns them before dying to lots of Alliance.  We do not take TB that time though.  I thanked Khrow, a rogue, for helping me survive an attack on the road by a shaman who didn’t seem to want to leave me alone, and made a point to heal Rayzo hanging out with me at Slag. Rayzo also has a chopper, I swear all rogues do.


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