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I mean, it’s bad enough they can destroy you in half a second, heal like they have unlimited Lay on Hands, but now they can get to places no one else can reach. It’s getting really obnoxious.  They can jump down, give you a wack, then leap right back up on the top. NPCs can’t even reach them.

Worst PVP, ever.


If I wasn’t running with SPM, I don’t think I’d be doing pvp at all.  I haven’t done world pvp since this expansion came out, I haven’t done Ashran because it sucks, nor any random battlegrounds.  I mean, there’s always been some unbalances, sometimes ridiculously so, but nothing that I can recall like this.

In particular, the MOBILITY and knock-backs are absolutely off the charts.  A demon hunter doesn’t want to fight you? Cool, in 2 seconds he’s halfway across the map.  Warrior wants to get away? He can heroic leap like 2-3 times and also be across the world.  Add monks to that list.  I almost killed a wind walker and they decided to leave, and they were miles away from me in no time at all.

The irony is, druids originally had displacer beast which blinked them and put them into stealth.  That was nerfed to just be a blink.  Then it was nerfed again to be an arcane school of magic so if you were silenced, you can no longer displacer.  But all these melee? Yep, across the map in no time flat.  Paladins also got this weird thing they can do where they instantly mount up and run away, even in combat.  It’s only available for a few seconds so, it seems balanced at least.

Then the knock-backs.  Druids had typhoon but it had limited scope and had a slight delay so shoving people wasn’t always as precise as I would have liked it to be.  Hunters had their explosive trap and ele shaman had their thunderstorm thingy.  Mages way back when had blast wave which shoved people like typhoon but that has been long gone.

Now? Oh monks Ring of Peace is a constant knock-back the entire time you encounter it.  Not just one time, like Ursol’s Vortex pull-back ability no, THE ENTIRE TIME.  And not only that, it’s a bit of a jump up and push back, meaning if you are near a low edge of something, like the inner ring of a bunker in AV,  you can still get punted out.  Speaking of Ring of Peace, originally when it applied a constant silence and disarm in it’s area of effect, well that got nerfed.  But now it has a constant area of effect.. again? ok?

Warriors have some bowling-ball thing I don’t know the name of, but they rush into  you and knock everyone back.  I mean, did we really need MORE KNOCK BACKS and insane melee mobility?

Old school Alterac Valley

We summoned Ivus a number of times over the last few months, but now that the guards are 9 levels above us, it leads to longer games and enough time to summon other npcs I’ve never seen ever.  This time it was Slidore’s Gryphon, who I almost missed because he flies above everyone.



Still it’s cool all the really old stuff is coming out again because of these changes.