Classic Lineage 2, Isn’t

I was streaming retail Lineage 2 a bit and someone suggested that if I wanted the original feel of the game I should try the classic client. So I did. I’m spitballing dates here a little because it’s been a while.

It’s uh, not even remotely classic though. The character creation screen is the new one, from many, MANY years after the original.  Like around 5th or 6th expansion if memory serves. You can choose a Kamael, who are now called the “Jin Kamael” for some reason, when they didn’t come out until the Kamael update some 6 years after launch.

You don’t have to walk ANYWHERE, at least so far.  I got ported from the old dark elf starter zone straight to town, where the arm in the middle seemed somehow crooked.  I then got ported right to the next town which was Gludio, given upgraded gear (but no weapon and no more spiritshots, which are ungodly expensive), and then later ported right to the Ruins of Agony.  No walking around required.

The popular choice for bots seems to be the precursor to elemental summoners, and kamael melee.  They are EVERYWHERE. Ponies for DAYS.

So far every area the mobs have been passive, and non social.  It’s really something else.  It took me maybe 1 hour to hit 20 and a simple button click to change from mystic to wizard.  No running everywhere, no long 1st class change quest, yeah this isn’t classic.  Adena doesn’t drop either, it goes right into your inventory, and very, very little of it. I wanted to buy just 500 spiritshots, not even blessed, and I couldn’t afford it. So, that part is like classic.

And even funny enough, there is now a bot system in game.  In RoA you will find 5 bots to every mob cluster going at it 24/7 for DAYS.  It’s… yeah.  It’s like Blizzard introducing Cataclysm as “Classic” and letting you afk bot. This isn’t classic.

Designing Virtual Worlds

I was talking about reading this book the other day, and that I had emailed the author about how the designers of Lineage 2 could have taken some real lessons from it.  It got me thinking of all the things that were bad or poorly redesigned, and gosh there were a lot.


You could go years without ever getting an item that dropped from a mob, that you could equip.  Past the early levels (1-10) the chance you would get ANY weapon or armor drop was next to nil, and it being correct for  your class in the odd event it did happen, was extremely slim as well.

There was no rhyme or reason in the gearing system.  Weapons weren’t pinned for certain classes so you’d get stupid combinations like a mage using dual-swords or a bow.


Normal quests were not worth doing, for items, exp, or money, with maybe 2 exceptions or “well I’ll be in this area anyway”.  They didn’t give any worthwhile exp (it was often the same as killing 2 mobs), never gave worthwhile items to equip, and often gave less money than it cost to complete the quest. In some cases, the MORE items you turned in, the LESS money per item  you got!


The game wasn’t designed in such a way to deter scams, and the GMs did not care if people WERE scamming.  I can’t find my example images at this time, but here are a few common scams based of game problems.

  1.  The game font made a lowercase L and an uppercase I look exactly the same.  For example Ellie looked the same as EIIie or ElIie.  Exactly the same.   People would create a character of someone and message their friends and clannies and ask them to see a weapon or armor.  They would then never give it back.
  2. Lower level items often looked exactly like higher level items.  A grade crystals looked exactly like worthless Soul Ore (if I remember right) with a difference in price or something like 2,000 vs 10. People would set up sell shops with the cheap stuff labeled with the good stuffs name.
  3. That leads me to Sell Shops.  You could type whatever you wanted in your store name to fool people.  “Selling spiritshots cheap!” the store could say.  You open the store with “sell” in your head and see shots at 10a! Wow what a deal!  You pick to buy as much as possible and.. “you just sold 5,000 spiritshots”.  Wait, what?  Oops, it was a BUY store labeled as a SELL store and you just sold all your stuff for super cheap.  Oops.  One would say “just pay attention” I would say “design  your dumb game better” or severely punish people trying this tactic.
  4. Dwarven craft shops had a problem where the cost to craft an item wasn’t visible in the window past a certain numbers of characters.  You could see 1,000 for example, but not the renaming ,000.  A craft would oops, cost 1 million adena instead of 1,000.
  5. And finally (for right now) you would probably never see any of the high level content.  The requirements to kill ANY of the major raid bosses were so such it was likely to never happen.  It was designed for 200+ people, which on the NA servers, was never going to happen.


The Walking Dead?

So these zombies are standing around town in Aden, doing nothing.  No dialog, no movement, can’t even attack them.  What’s going on?Shot00058

I hit level 81 with Nuku’s help logged in as a mentor.  I don’t know why the mentor has to be online for the exp boost.  I heard they use to also need to be online to get the buffs, but they changed that.

I was able to go to Hellbound but everything is 100 these days and I died quick. Sigh.


It took a while to level up in the Swamp of Screams, but only because the daily quest takes forever.  I did run a quest little quest where Kain, what my original servers name was, showed up to help:


I hit 70 and was directed to the Wall of Argos.  I remember it as a mostly empty place and difficult to solo.  Well, that’s sort of accurate now, only because of the bots.


Oh good gosh THE BOTS. Everywhere!  There was a Gameguard update today, but the bots are all still there.  I was told it stops them for maybe 2 hours tops.

That all being said, I’m having trouble remembering why this game was fun.  The leveling sucks, the drops suck, the quests suck, and gearing up sucks.  The friend I made were all the difference, but now that’s not even a thing.

I had maybe 2 people even say hi from 1-70.  No clan invites, no mentor invites.  I posted in the official forum asking for a mentor on the Chronos server, and NO REPLY. None!  The clan people that did email me in game, no reply for about a week and no reply to PMs.  What the actual heck.

I am also upset that the Pailaka I wanted to do on Devil’s Isle has an upper level range.  Why is that?  Why in the world would it be a problem if a higher level ran a low level SOLO INSTANCE.   It makes no sense!  They did the same thing for raids, many years ago, but that was understandable, sort of.


It made NO SENSE that they put a powerful ring/necklace on a low level raid boss like the Ant Queen or Orfen.  Neither bosses were instanced, so that meant people had that junk on lock down.  Good luck ever seeing either of them up, ever.  Anyway, I rant.  I’m going to have a difficult time getting to 85 if I’m going to be playing solo in a MMORPG.

Actual Noob

Created a new Ertheria and wow leveling is fast now.  I went from 1-20 in no time at all, up to 40 in another few hours of playing, and 52 after about 3 casual days.  Quests now give A TON of experience, as opposed to something you aren’t even sure you earned because it was so low.


I just wish I could keybind my spells to my regular keys like E G F and such.  You can actually move with WASD now but if the skills are still up in the function ranges, that’s super awkward.

I’ve been given level appropriate armor via the queen in mail, which is good because no one has talked to me or invited me to a clan yet, even at 52.  I did have one person attack me, for no reason though.


I can’t tell if everyone is just botting or what.  Not even a hi yet.