It took a while to level up in the Swamp of Screams, but only because the daily quest takes forever.  I did run a quest little quest where Kain, what my original servers name was, showed up to help:


I hit 70 and was directed to the Wall of Argos.  I remember it as a mostly empty place and difficult to solo.  Well, that’s sort of accurate now, only because of the bots.


Oh good gosh THE BOTS. Everywhere!  There was a Gameguard update today, but the bots are all still there.  I was told it stops them for maybe 2 hours tops.

That all being said, I’m having trouble remembering why this game was fun.  The leveling sucks, the drops suck, the quests suck, and gearing up sucks.  The friend I made were all the difference, but now that’s not even a thing.

I had maybe 2 people even say hi from 1-70.  No clan invites, no mentor invites.  I posted in the official forum asking for a mentor on the Chronos server, and NO REPLY. None!  The clan people that did email me in game, no reply for about a week and no reply to PMs.  What the actual heck.

I am also upset that the Pailaka I wanted to do on Devil’s Isle has an upper level range.  Why is that?  Why in the world would it be a problem if a higher level ran a low level SOLO INSTANCE.   It makes no sense!  They did the same thing for raids, many years ago, but that was understandable, sort of.


It made NO SENSE that they put a powerful ring/necklace on a low level raid boss like the Ant Queen or Orfen.  Neither bosses were instanced, so that meant people had that junk on lock down.  Good luck ever seeing either of them up, ever.  Anyway, I rant.  I’m going to have a difficult time getting to 85 if I’m going to be playing solo in a MMORPG.

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