Ermph, I found the FEELS

When I was looking for the treasures for the achievement, I took off of Nagrand, since everything was ON A HILL and I DON’T HAVE FLYING.  That took me out to Frostfire Ridge.  I first ran into this orc.






She looted


and the tooth.




Then later, much farther away, I found this guy.


with this note

Karash, my wolf,

I was so happy to find your note, I had to bite my knuckle to keep from yelling and waking up the other trappers.
Of course I remember that day! You and Longhowl prowling the flats, looking so fierce. My unsteady aim, that pitiful throw. Can you believe we almost killed each other? Now I want nothing more than to live beside you for all my days.
I know a place. North across the flats, behind the volcano overlooking Colossal’s Fall. I will leave bones to mark the way. Come find me, and we can be free together.

Yours forever,

P.S. I will keep Longhowl’s fang safe. Attached is my own good luck charm – the foot from my first successful snare. Bring it safely to me, or I will gut you like a hare!


After you take their notes, and ‘talk’ to them again, she shows:

<She waited for him until her breath froze.>


and he shows:

<He was willing to lose everything to be with her.>


Aww.  /sniff

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