Classic Still Bumping

On the server I’m on, Pagle, it’s still very much bumping everywhere.  Westfall, Redridge, Duskwood, etc.  When people are waiting for buffs in Stormwind there are so many people it’s unreal, more than I think I’ve ever seen in town.


It’s like this in every direction!

That being said, druid is weird.  I had to do a quest to learn Bear Form, another that had me travel all over the world for Aquatic form, and several quests to learn Cure Poison. ALL BEFORE LEVEL 20!!!


But Cat form? Just hit level 20 and pay the trainer.  Weird.

I did not have to do any quests to learn skills on my mage and priest, other than the HIGHEST level water on the mage.


I left Roll for Blame today.  I was going to anyway but last night I was questing out in Felwood when I ran into a person doing a quest I had failed on before.


It was a druid named Cannibinoids (SmokeRings) who I paired up with and we knocked out 3 different quests, 2 of which were escorts.  We ended up trading btags and when I commented that I liked his guild name (and I’ve seen them around a lot), he offered an invite.  I didn’t accept that night but this morning I gquit on both characters and left the discord server. Few reasons why:

  1. no one was ever on most of the day
  2. at night only the poofs were on and they just seemed to constantly level alts
  3. The only other regular was Mercuri who raided with other people and otherwise basically never ever talked
  4. The poofs only grouped up if they needed help with something
  5. They didn’t recruit for months
  6. If they did get a new person, they lied about the activity status of the guild
  7. and of course, Miss Poof reminded me a good deal of SylvanSuede. So, yeah.

So much Winning.

I’m not quite 120 yet but I’m getting a little frustrated with the Alliance side of things, as well as some of the Horde stuff. So far we had the Horde completely destroy Teldrassil and basically that entire god damn island.  It’s gone, the whole thing, not only the tree but the rest of it as well.  They also took Lor’danel, which was another little town I use to defend from Horde all the time.

In another cut scene several Alliance ships were chasing a horde ship with some damn Loa priestess on it who calls a Loa dinosaur to push their ship along and then 100 or whatever horde ships show up and destroy ALL the alliance ships.  I think all, anyway, maybe one got away.

Then WE head to the Ruins of Lordaeron to get Sylvannas, but she makes us look like an  idiot over and over, once when she dumps the poison all over the place and we get totally fucked, then another time when we DON’T for some reason, blast her immediately in the face with several arrows, she lol’s and nearly kills everyone by destroying the building.  WTF, seriously?  You know she destroyed the WORLD TREE and killed probably 900+ Alliance right?  You don’t talk to crazy, YOU FUCKING SHOOT IT IN THE FUCKING FACE.  Oh there’s Sylvannas, SHOOT HER.

I’m out in Windshorn hills right now where Horde carpet-bombed the town and is running around killing everyone.  So much winning right Alliance?

Strike a Pose

Well, new expansion and a lot to get caught up on.

First off, I ran into this expansions “nooooooope” mob, this guy:


This picture doesn’t do it justice.  In-game he’s shaking his head back and forth slightly, very very quickly, it’s creepy as hell.  It’s right up there with the mist lurker guys in MoP and the multi draenai headed dog-thing in Legion.  A big old pile of nope the hell out.

Besides that, a lot of extra poses and animations were added in game, from taking notes:


to carrying a falcon


standing with helm at their side…



to walking very much drunk (staggering about instead of running normal but a ‘visual haze and zig-zagging’), holding out an amulet, crossing arms and leaning against things, sprawling on stairs, and being tied with arms behind the back, struggling to get free.  Oh  yes way  back in Cata we had prisoners that walked with their hands behind them but now it’s the person randomly struggling as well.  It’s very interesting seem the game come alive in more ways.

Bleeds and AOE

I beat the Agatha encounter last night, in 7 attempts total.  Much easier than frost mage.  One thing I noticed in particular though, feral bleeds actually feel like something now.  Before you could keep Rake up on someone, 5 combo into Rip and it barely did anything.  Now you can easily apply bleeds on a mob at low health and run off, confident it will actually DIE.  On top of that we don’t feel anywhere near as energy starved.  I could use Thrash and Brutal Slash (aoe) with my regular bleeds with nowhere near as much focus loss as before.  In WoD feral WAS strong but you had no focus what felt like, all the time.  I used Tigers Fury on CD and still needed it more.  It doesn’t feel like that at all now.

Definitely going to play this and resto into BfA.


Funny enough though, the skin I really wanted, needs PVE challenges on another skin tier.  The one this earned me was the glowy cats.

But I did it with about a week to spare!