Pat my own back but…

I mentioned a while back that groups go smoother when I heal.  For some reason the biggest drama queen always seems to be the healer.  I got ripped a new one literally the first time I ever tried to tank Deadmines as a warrior by a healer, and when I’ve been DPS the healer often times is a real catty pain in the ass.  You won’t even do anything and they get upset.  Now since I heal like 90% of the time if not more, that just doesn’t happen. Well, unless you are REALLY, REALLY bad like, afking fights or something.

Anyway last night I healed a Deadmines on my druid.  The mages wiped us twice and I just said “I can’t heal through all of that”.  The hunter rage-quit and told me “good luck with that group”.  We did nothing for about 15 minutes while the tank got a guildie to fill in and I just worked on a crochet hat while I waited.  We finished with not too much trouble.

Healing as a druid at 20 is interesting though.  You cast like 3 regrowth and you’re oom.  It’s really something.  You have to hope rejuv is good for most of the encounter.

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Classic Still Bumping

On the server I’m on, Pagle, it’s still very much bumping everywhere.  Westfall, Redridge, Duskwood, etc.  When people are waiting for buffs in Stormwind there are so many people it’s unreal, more than I think I’ve ever seen in town.


It’s like this in every direction!

That being said, druid is weird.  I had to do a quest to learn Bear Form, another that had me travel all over the world for Aquatic form, and several quests to learn Cure Poison. ALL BEFORE LEVEL 20!!!


But Cat form? Just hit level 20 and pay the trainer.  Weird.

I did not have to do any quests to learn skills on my mage and priest, other than the HIGHEST level water on the mage.

The BEST time in Westfall Wpvp

As I’ve written about, I spent a lot of time over the years playing the Punisher/Batman out in the world guarding Alliance zones.  I haven’t been able to really do that since Legion when World Defense was removed.  But it still exists in classic!  I saw some pings in Westfall so I parked my priest out there and oh boy last night was fun.  It was a warrior that you’d swear was a bot, running a specific circuit to kill the Alliance quest givers.  He never fought back, but he had an Alliance counter part that would talk trying to find out what other Alliance thought of him.

I killed him 3 times myself.

but then I paired with with a shadow priest and we hunted him some more.  But that’s not the best part!



After a while we had attracted the attention of more 60’s like a warlock and a rogue, and we kept this warrior stunlocked for a good 10 minutes. We decided he needed to face justice and I shit you not, we feared, MC’d, sapped, stunned that horde from Moonbrook all the way to Stormwind! He kept trying to hearth out and started yelling things, but it was no good because I kept him healed during the other priests MC so we could bring him to justice.

Where he died gloriously to the Stormwind guards!





I left Roll for Blame today.  I was going to anyway but last night I was questing out in Felwood when I ran into a person doing a quest I had failed on before.


It was a druid named Cannibinoids (SmokeRings) who I paired up with and we knocked out 3 different quests, 2 of which were escorts.  We ended up trading btags and when I commented that I liked his guild name (and I’ve seen them around a lot), he offered an invite.  I didn’t accept that night but this morning I gquit on both characters and left the discord server. Few reasons why:

  1. no one was ever on most of the day
  2. at night only the poofs were on and they just seemed to constantly level alts
  3. The only other regular was Mercuri who raided with other people and otherwise basically never ever talked
  4. The poofs only grouped up if they needed help with something
  5. They didn’t recruit for months
  6. If they did get a new person, they lied about the activity status of the guild
  7. and of course, Miss Poof reminded me a good deal of SylvanSuede. So, yeah.

Friendly Teasing or just MEAN?

The guild I joined in classic has been pretty fun so far but I hadn’t grouped up with anyone really until around 60.  I honestly think they are just mean and the teasing is just over the top into that meaness category.

First, they did mail me 5 g when I was short that amount for my first mount.  I sent it back the next day however when I earned it.  So, that was nice.  They did help me with that quest in Arathi where I simply couldn’t solo the escort around the farm out there. However, there were a few instances that bug me and I’m probably going to gquit over it.

I got asked to do Uldaman at least twice to help their alts.  I was far above that level so I was doing a favor, however I was sassed when I was casting into the basilisks and getting my spells reflected into my face.  I was basically told ‘lol, you cast when they reflected, how didn’t you know that?’.  Well, the mob doesn’t show any indication of reflecting by a buff or graphic so I had no idea it was going to reflect when it didn’t do it the first few shots. This guy.   Now, I hadn’t done this dungeon in years and years and certainly didn’t remember the reflect and I was out there doing a favor so I thought it was rather rude to point out I was being an idiot, I guess. Not “don’t cast on these guys they reflect” just ‘lol, stupid’.

Some time later when I was 60 and switched to frost I was asked to help out on a quest.  I was in a nearby zone doing something but offered to help.  I looked up the quest while flying over and it was in a cave somewhere.  It’s literally in a zone with a giant canyon with multiple cave entrances, and I wasn’t able to hook up with them since they were already deep in the cave and their location didn’t do me any good.  I legit got told “so in so was further than you and got here quicker, lol”   Hey, I mean I stopped what I was doing to come out and you’re asking me to find you in a cave! I got demoted to a rank called something like ‘wears a helmet’ on top of that.

Anyway last night we formed up for BRD with me being the only 60 and Poof bear tanking at like 55 and not good gear.  I died at least twice because I couldn’t do anything without pulling aggro.  I tried to help at the start by sheeping the second mob but poof’s husband quickly broke it, then mocked me for having bad dps. I was doing 60% of the groups dps according to recount but ok?  I said I wasn’t the one who broke sheep and he told me to mark it next time.  I said I didn’t have time for that.  Then he said to call it out.  What? Why don’t you just fucking dps the tanks target instead of spraying your dots all over the place? But ok ok spell batching might make that hard.


Then mister poof asked for 45 water because they weren’t 55, so I made 40 and tried to trade while they were standing there but they kept cancelling.  The hell?

When the misses poof bear tank pulled a ton of mobs I got asked ‘why don’t you sheep one of these?’ which I also felt was rude.  What would be the point of sheeping a batch pull? it would just get broken.  Now you’re just being a smart ass and making fun of me for trying to crowd control for a bad bear tank.

Now during this whole thing, Poof sounded A LOT like Sylvansuede from Lineage 2.  I hadn’t described her here ever but it’s basically someone who brags non-stop.  We joined vent for this thing and it was oh, I was the admin of a hospital, I was a mental health specialist, I have a degree in astrophysics, I am an interior designer, did you know I have 4 different degrees, I’ve been to 200 countries, just on and on and on.  Plus her and her husband talking sex to each other constantly.

I got teased for dying a few times, more jokes about how I wasn’t doing sheep right, then we paused for like 15 mins to get some other person in.  It was late anyway but I left.  I totally get friendly teasing but when you get shit on every group, it’s not amusing.


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