Pat my own back but…

I mentioned a while back that groups go smoother when I heal.  For some reason the biggest drama queen always seems to be the healer.  I got ripped a new one literally the first time I ever tried to tank Deadmines as a warrior by a healer, and when I’ve been DPS the healer often times is a real catty pain in the ass.  You won’t even do anything and they get upset.  Now since I heal like 90% of the time if not more, that just doesn’t happen. Well, unless you are REALLY, REALLY bad like, afking fights or something.

Anyway last night I healed a Deadmines on my druid.  The mages wiped us twice and I just said “I can’t heal through all of that”.  The hunter rage-quit and told me “good luck with that group”.  We did nothing for about 15 minutes while the tank got a guildie to fill in and I just worked on a crochet hat while I waited.  We finished with not too much trouble.

Healing as a druid at 20 is interesting though.  You cast like 3 regrowth and you’re oom.  It’s really something.  You have to hope rejuv is good for most of the encounter.