I left Roll for Blame today.  I was going to anyway but last night I was questing out in Felwood when I ran into a person doing a quest I had failed on before.


It was a druid named Cannibinoids (SmokeRings) who I paired up with and we knocked out 3 different quests, 2 of which were escorts.  We ended up trading btags and when I commented that I liked his guild name (and I’ve seen them around a lot), he offered an invite.  I didn’t accept that night but this morning I gquit on both characters and left the discord server. Few reasons why:

  1. no one was ever on most of the day
  2. at night only the poofs were on and they just seemed to constantly level alts
  3. The only other regular was Mercuri who raided with other people and otherwise basically never ever talked
  4. The poofs only grouped up if they needed help with something
  5. They didn’t recruit for months
  6. If they did get a new person, they lied about the activity status of the guild
  7. and of course, Miss Poof reminded me a good deal of SylvanSuede. So, yeah.